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Editing and Rewriting

Let’s face it — most people are not writers. But people still write books and articles, because they have professional or personal reasons to do so. Professionals in the sciences and in the humanities often need to publish the results of research. They know their own fields very well, but because they are not writers, they need help in writing reports, articles, and books. This is true even in the humanities, where one might expect a higher level of writing skills, but that is not always the case. Other people, outside of scholarly and professional fields, sometimes want to write things such as memoirs or a family history, for personal gratification.

Whether the goal is professional or personal, what often happens is that people do their research and collect their materials, but then, when they attempt to do the writing, they discover that they do not know how to begin or they cannot get it right when they start putting words onto the computer screen. The wise among these look for help. However, others plug along in the vain hope that a rough manuscript will miraculously turn out all right.

I have been doing this for a long time, and I have learned that people rarely understand how desperately they need help with their writing. In general, people seem to think that they just need proofreading for typos and for an occasional slip-up with who and whom and a few other grammatical issues that they regard as mysterious, trivial, and bothersome. But what I nearly always find is a manuscript that is a big mess, because it includes, not only grammatical errors, but stylistic errors like awkward sentences, unclear references, and poor word choices. Almost inevitably, I have to do some rewriting, because the stylistic problems involve more than changing a word or two. The fact of the matter is that nearly everyone needs an editor.

That is where I come into the picture. Whether what you need is light editing, substantive rewriting, or ghostwriting, I can help you with your project.

Publishing Your Work

When you have a manuscript ready, what do you do next? You have several options.

If you would like my CV, I can provide one to you upon your request. I have a PhD in the humanities; I also have an MD degree, and I am a licensed physician in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

You might want to check out the rest of my website to learn a few things about me.

Updated on 2018.03.11.